ReGrow is an effective biofertiliser that delivers results and
gives something back to the earth at the same time.

What’s the big thought behind ReGrow?

At ReFood, we take something nobody wants (waste food). And we turn it into something that everybody needs (fertiliser). Not just any fertiliser though. ReGrow is a high-quality, valuable biofertiliser that’s sustainable and reliable. It’s rich in nutrients like nitrogen which make it effective. It’s created from a completely natural, closed-loop process. And it meets the requirements of the BSI PAS 110 for quality, consistency and safety. It’s a fertiliser that thinks about the future. That’s why ReGrow is Food for Life.
The benefits:
It’s effective
Contains valuable quantities of major plant nutrients, especially readily available nitrogen.
It’s produced using a natural process and contains no fossil fuels.
It gives back all the good you put in, but as an enhanced product.
ReGrow meets the requirements of the BSI PAS 110 for its high levels of quality, consistency and safety.
As ReFood plants are growing, ReGrow will soon be available to more farmers in the UK.

Find out what makes ReGrow great.

ReGrow is the result of a closed loop recycling system. It takes every scrap of value that’s in food waste and turns it into fertiliser. It’s a safer, greener way of doing things. (No fossil fuels or artificial processes for us). It produces a natural biofertiliser that’s rich in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium that are essential for plant growth. It does the same things that other fertilisers do, but does them without harming the environment. As long as there’s food waste, there’ll be ReGrow biofertiliser. It’s a truly sustainable solution.

What’s it got that’s so good?

ReGrow is a cost-effective way of using manufactured nitrogen to optimise crop growth. Typically ReGrow doubles crop yields. And it’s a low-carbon source too.

Phosphorous is essential to healthy crop growth. ReGrow can help maintain phosphorous levels without overloading it and harming the wider environment.

Potassium works with nitrogen and other nutrients to build the structure of the crop. It contributes to root-tip growth and is found in healthy amounts in ReGrow.

The story of ReGrow.

ReGrow is produced by ReFood, the UK’s specialists in safe, secure and reliable food-waste recycling. For years ReFood has used the world’s most advanced Anaerobic Digestion technology to divert waste from landfill sites.

What is Anaerobic Digestion?
Anaerobic Digestion is a controlled natural biological process. In the absence of oxygen, it breaks down organic material, turning it into biogas (methane and carbon dioxide to be exact) and the nutrient-rich biofertiliser that we call ReGrow.

Why ReGrow is good for the enviroment.

When food waste is sent to landfill, the energy we use to produce it, process it, transport it and store it also goes to waste.

But thanks to our ReFood plants that produce ReGrow, we are able to divert that food waste. This reduces CO2 output, and stops dangerous methane gasses being released into the atmosphere. We even take care to make our plants green. This way we can ensure a truly closed-loop recycling service.

Why ReGrow is part of a revolution.

In the UK almost 15 million tonnes of food go to waste every year. 40% of this ends up in landfill, and it’s expected that the landfill space in the UK will be full by 2020.

As part of our commitment to ‘Food for life’, ReFood launched Vision 2020.This initiative aims to change current government legislation, so that food waste can be banned from landfills and instead recycled. ReGrow illustrates how recycling food waste can result in something that’s good for crops and good for the earth too.

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