Our advanced Anaerobic Digestion technology is able to turn food waste into biofertiliser using one revolutionary end-to-end process. It is backed by highly specialised waste disposal services which produce a final product that is beneficial in more ways than one. It’s the first natural biofertiliser of its kind. Here’s a closer look at how our revolutionary technology works:



1. Food waste pre-treatment

All food waste is emptied into hoppers, mixed and sent through to our de-pack system which separates packaging from organic waste.

2. Heating

All food waste is passed through a heat exchanger and heated to 70ÂșC using recycled heat.

3. Food waste pre-treatment

The waste is held at 70ÂșC for one hour to destroy any harmful bacteria.

4. Cooling

It is cooled to 40ÂșC by passing it over the incoming material.

5. Mixing

Waste is moved to a mixing tank that ensures a uniform product is transferred to the digesters.

6. Digesters

Digester tanks are fed in turn, where bacteria breaks down the material and produces methane gas.

7. Gas collection

Gas is collected from the top of the digesters and then passed through a biological scrubber, where bacteria filter it to remove harmful hydrogen sulphide.

8. Screening, storage and dispatch

Gas is stored in storage tanks until required. It is then pre-conditioned to remove water, cooled and pressurised ready for use.  Depending on the ReFood plant, the gas is either used on site in Combined Heat & Power engines to produce green electricity and heat; or is further refined for export as bio-methane to the national gas grid.  The energy exported by the ReFood plants is used in thousands of local homes, replacing fossil-based electricity and gas.  Once all the material is fully digested we are left with a nutrient-rich liquid – ReGrow Biofertiliser.

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