Philip heads SARIA’s food waste recycling and petfood divisions. The recycling division includes ReFood. Prior to joining in 2002, Philip was responsible for the supply chain management of Europe’s largest biomass power plant operators, sourcing over 750,000 tonnes of agricultural and food residues for renewable power generation.

He has almost 20 years’ experience in the renewable power sector, developing innovative applications for turning food industry residues into renewable energy and bio-fuels. Philip has a wealth of management experience in the UK and overseas, graduated in Business and Finance, and holds an MBA from the Open University.




Paul successfully led the development of SARIA’s first ReFood AD plant at the Doncaster site, and is now leading the Widnes and East London projects. As well as being responsible for the development and operation of the ReFood AD plants, Paul also heads up the Group’s joint ventures, food production and distribution divisions. After joining almost 40 years ago as an apprentice electrician for a Group associated company, Paul held a variety of supervisory and management positions within the company’s edible and petfood operations, culminating in his appointment to the board of directors in 2005.




Richard started his career with SARIA in a Process Planning and Quality Control role before transferring to the commercial team in 2008. His current role involves the national management of raw material supplies to SARIA’s rendering and food waste processing plants. Richard has been a key figure in the development of ReFood’s customer base, working closely with key local, regional and national suppliers to optimise the efficiency of the Doncaster plant supply chain. Following on from the success of the Doncaster plant, Richard and his team are now developing the customer base for the new ReFood plants in Widnes and East London. In addition to controlling the supply of raw material to the ReFood plants and managing the wide range of key customers, Richard also has responsibility for developing the agricultural markets for the fertilisers produced by the AD process.

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